5 Things My Dog Has Taught Me

Good morning mommas! I hope you had a great Valentines last week with loved ones. The first 2 weeks of February have flown by, can't believe we are so close to March. So, anyone who knows me well, knows I am completely obsessed with our dog. I don't know if it is the traveling my husband does or just the dog, but I wasn't really a huge dog person before Aully, so the obsession still is so strange to me. When I became a stay at home Mom with the boys, me and Aully started spending a lot of regular days together. Since I am with him so much I have learned quite a bit from him. So here goes my life lessons learned from Aully.

I guess a proper introduction is needed. This is Aully, he is a 5 year old Viszla.


1. Sleep is indeed EVERYTHING

Aully sleeps majority of the day like most dogs. On some days, it's relaxing to have someone snoring away bringing a little peace to our day of craziness. On other days, I basically want to strangle him for getting to sleep so much when I am running on fumes. But either way he reminds me to hit the sack and get the sleep I need when the day is done, which mind you is snuggled up with him in a huge bed which he takes up most of.


2. Forgive and Forget

Anyone with a dog knows this one. They literally can be disciplined one second and then licking you the next. Aully does act kind of weepy for a little when he knows he is in trouble, but it takes about 30 seconds for him to forget that I yelled at him. And he sure forgives the kids for countless tugs and scratches and "hugs." So he taught me that grudges are a waste, forgive and forget so you can move on!


3. Be persistent

If you want something, don't quit on it. Like say a piece of chicken left over from the kid's dinner that is on the table. First plan of action is to get front paws on table while Mom is not looking and try and swipe it yourself. If this fails, whine continuously until you annoy the fire out of Mom. She will either throw it away so you can move on with life or she might just throw you a piece. But don't lose hope if she has thrown it away 99 times out of 100 because you never know when she might throw you a piece! You also have to put 100% effort into food stealing straight from the kids. Don't give up on your "dreams" people.


4. Never Trust Anyone with Weird Bags

Aully is super protective, but he is also VERY easily spooked. If you come in with anything larger than a small handbag he is convinced there is an explosive involved. He will bark and growl at said bag until he forgets about it. (He forgets easily, see above). But 5 minutes later he will see it again and bark incessantly all over again. Even if the same person brings the same bag multiple times in a row (Stephanie remember your jamberry bag haha). He is also known to bark the ENTIRE hour a service man is at the house. Always keep your guard up is Aully's motto, it's a good one to live by with young kids out and about!

5. Toddlers are Indeed Crazy

Aully definitely gets overwhelmed with the insanity of life with 2 toddlers. Sometimes I feel like I am being dramatic when I think the kids are acting like lunatics, then I look over and Aully is just staring in a corner and I think okay I am not crazy. Although I think he does enjoy the activity and excitement, to say he gets tired of it is an understatement. His laziness is at a an all time high and I think he sleeps to avoid them all together at this point. Some days I don't blame him.


For me, Aully is such an important part of our lives. He is only a dog yes, but we love him so much and he provides plenty of laughs and kisses and entertainment. If you aren't a dog person then I am sorry for you having to read a full post about them ha. If you are a dog person, share in the comments something your dog has taught you!