Annual Easter Egg Hunt - 2018

Good morning mommas! Hope you are having a nice week leading up to a holiday weekend! Easter is only 4 days away, but we have already started celebrating here at FIT4MOM Fayetteville. We held our Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Clark Park this past Saturday and I am here to share with you all the fun that was had!


Just like most of our events, we began with a workout. We started with a stroller strides class led by our owner, Brittany Coptis. Brittany led the mommas through an Easter themed workout, complete with egg passing and egg opening and plenty of sweating!


After the hour workout was complete, everyone met up over at the picnic tables for more fun! The weather was not quite Easterish, with the temperatures settling right around 45 degrees or so, but that did not stop us from having a good time. While the moms were working out, the Easter Bunny had came and dropped off over 400 eggs to be found by some anxious kids! After rallying everyone and their kiddos and their baskets (this took a minute haha), we let the hunt begin!


The kids LOVED it! And a lot of the babies were experiencing their first Easter egg hunt!


After all the kids got some eggs (they were QUICK!), it was time to go sit down and open them. There were fun prizes in every egg, anything from candy to stickers to slinkies! While the kids (and parents) were opening up their eggs, everyone was helping themselves to a spread of delicious potluck food that was brought in by all of the ladies! We had pasta salad, hummus, fruit, donuts, you name it! And of course, the ever popular hot coffee from Chick Fil-A because there is nothing better than hot caffeine after a long morning of chasing your kids at the park!


The weather did not put a damper on this event and our members made it an awesome morning together! And the kids went home with great easter egg hunt prizes and full bellies of treats! We wish you all could have been there, but if you had to miss, don't you worry! We have ONE more Easter Egg Hunt where the Easter Bunny will be dropping eggs off, tomorrow at Lake Rim. There will be an "Eggcelent" stroller strides workout to begin the morning followed by the egg hunt, potluck and craft! This will be your last chance to celebrate Easter with your FIT4MOM Fayetteville family so I hope you can make it! Happy Easter everyone!