Being imperfect in a "perfect world"

Happy Wednesday mommas! Hope your week is going well, and for all my mommas who have those school aged kids, hope your kids are enjoying that first month of school! Today is a topic to kind of piggy back on last week's post. I think next month, we will have a new silly "theme." But this month's theme is a apparently feelings based, so let's run with it.

Last week's blog post was all about burdens and allowing other's to help you out when you need it. If you missed it, you can read it here! Something that I added at the end, was that if you allow other's to help carry your weight, your friendships will grow deeper. To dig a little deeper into that area of this, I want to discuss allowing our imperfections out a little more. We live in the social media world right now, so we constantly are posting great things about our kiddos and our families. Which I love, I love to keep up with old friends and see their happy pictures, as well as seeing a lot of my current friends' pictures. And just as much do I like sharing my kids' silly and sweet pictures. BUT (weren't we all waiting for the BUT..), I think sometimes we forget to share our imperfect moments with one another. I am not saying on social media, I mean in person. We forget the in person interaction all together sometimes. When we sit at the playground after class together while our kids play, I listen to mom's dig into to each other. A lot of times it is about a mishap in a person's life when I see a bond become stronger. And each mom will share their experience or advice or just a head nod to know it was heard. That is the kind of thing that keeps us going every day. We need others to hear us, and we need to let out our imperfections to our close friends.

Next time you scream your head off at your kids and your riddled with guilt about it, tell your friend about it. Tell them how you feel and how it happened. Odds are they will tell you a similar story about them doing the SAME thing earlier in the week (or the same morning). And instantly the guilt will subside a little, you're able to talk about it and know you're not alone. Next time you and your husband are battling about chores, sleep, kids, work etc., let one of your friends in. Tell them your struggling, and who knows maybe they are there or have been there. Be the person who brings up the hard things in your life. Maybe at best, you and a couple friends can laugh about it and make light of the annoyances of every day life. We as mom's hold alot on our shoulders and it's tough! A lot of times these things aren't physical burdens that other people can really handle for us, like we talked about last week. But maybe just letting some of it out in the open will take a small load off. We lift each other up in all areas of life at FIT4MOM, not only the fitness areas, like making it up that hill at Lake Rim every morning.


To close up today I want to touch on the topic of Postpartum Depression. This is something I think that ties in perfectly with the theme of this post because of the importance of sharing how you are feeling. I know we have all heard stories or maybe have been there ourselves of mom's silently dealing with PPD. My hope is that no one in this village feels like they can't share how they may be feeling after having a baby (or 2 or 3). We are all here for each other, no matter the situation. Here is quote from one of our own instructors, Holly, who personally dealt with PPD and is so glad she found this village.

"I've always heard of PPD, it was something I did not experience with my first child. However, after baby number two it hit me hard! It took me a while to actually figure out what was going on. I kept things bottled up, put on a brave face, and got through each day the best I could. I'll never forget the day I decided to share and open up what I was going through. It was so hard for me to speak the words postpartum depression. It can have such a negative attachment and feeling of embarrassment. But it was in that moment when I asked for help that I felt freed. Just owning it and being able to share was such a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I no longer had to fight in silence and the more I shared the more I didn't feel so alone. I thought it would never happen to me. I was caught off guard but rescued by the outpour of love from friends. So many could related and shared their stories with me. The biggest part of healing was being able to lean on those close to me."

A lot of us mom's only are able to have a conversation with adults during that hour of stroller strides. That's the only chance for us to talk about how annoying our kids have been or how the house work is draining us or how maybe we just don't feel like ourselves anymore. Share your good things AND your bad with your village, we want all of you.

Well that's all for today ladies. See you next week! We are going to end the month on a silly and sweet note. Stay tuned to see!