Being the new girl

Happy Wednesday and blog day mommas!

Any of you remember when you were a little girl and you moved schools or classrooms and you were terrified to be the new girl? Friendships were already formed and the thought of having to stand around those friendships made you cringe. I can remember those moments like they were yesterday. I switched schools when I was in 7th grade (can we say awkward years..) and I remember those first couple days I felt like a fish out of water. But I stuck it out and I kept putting myself out there the best I could, and I ended up making a life long best friend that year. She is still my very closest friend who I cherish deeply. A lot of times those insecurities we face as children or teen years don't actually go away, they just fade as we grow more mature. Sure, we understand now that we don't need to mold ourself to fit in certain places or fall into peer pressure in order to make friends, but we still get caught up in being that "fish out of water."

Another moment I remember like it was yesterday was my very first class at FIT4MOM. It was close to 3 years ago, and I remember the other girls talking about what they had done that weekend together, chatting about their kids, husbands, plans, etc. All of the sudden all of those feelings of being the "new girl" were back. I felt nervous and I specifically remember thinking I will never get to be "like them" and become this close with these women. I was too nervous and shy, I use to just kind of make small talk and mainly only talk to the instructor (Hi Sandy!). She continued to talk to me and introduce me to more and more moms and before I knew it I was becoming an instructor. I see this exact scenario over and over being in this group. Every time a new mom comes I can feel them looking at other moms talking and having the same thoughts as I had 3 years ago.


If you are a new mom (who either just started coming or hasn't made it out yet), I encourage you to come! And I encourage you to keep coming and to keep talking to more and more moms. Sometimes what might look "cliquey" is actually moms just like you who aren't gifted with the ability to small talk with new people. A lot of times, us now "seasoned moms" are just as nervous to strike up conversation with you as you are with us. I encourage you to come and to find those moms who aren't shy (I see you Heather, Holly, Melissa, etc) and chat with them. Reach out to your instructor, open up to someone in the group and allow them to open up to you. Continue to show up and keep letting us in and you will all the sudden be right in the middle of the pack of those regular moms meeting a new mom and letting them know exactly how you felt the day you joined.

FIT4MOM is a special group. We do get a nice workout in every morning and work on keeping a healthy lifestyle, but more than that we grow and learn in motherhood together. We are all just moms, who once were little girls afraid to approach a group of friends. So to my seasoned moms, let's do our best to make every mom feel welcomed. And to my new moms, come and keep coming, you will feel at home once you let us become your family. We can't wait to meet you and add you to our group!