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Binge-worthy TV Shows

Good morning mamas! Since we are in the middle of what is looking like quite a cold winter, we are taking it low key today on the blog and talking TV. One thing moms back in the day really missed out on is the art of binge watching a television show while you are in those newborn days of marathon feeding all hours of the night and day. Which brings me to the real topic of today, binge-worthy shows. This topic will require some participation in the comments section mommas so I encourage you to comment! There are going to be 3 different categories for this topic because if we are going to go there let's get serious about it, am I right? So, lets get to it!

1. Binge-ing with a Newborn

First category is a good show to watch with that new baby. So, ideally this is when your toddler is not around or it is your first baby. So this is late night or early morning binge watching while baby isn't sleeping and you are rocking and feeding non-stop. Of course as a first time mom (and second and third, and so on) you are enjoying every single snuggle, but it also can be a little lonely and quiet. That quietness can sometimes be daunting and a little background tv can help stay a little more sane! My choice here would be the ever popular Grey's Anatomy. It's my all time favorite show and it has a lot going on so it really keeps your mind off of the endless baby wails. Also, I know more than a handful of ladies in this group that will be here for you as a support group as you handle the drama and heartbreak of this show. If you haven't watched, you're rolling your eyes at me and if you have watched you are shaking your head in agreement. I've been on both sides because I binge watched this show both while pregnant and as a new mom, so I get it either way.


2. Binge-ing ALL day

Moving on to our next category would be a good binge-worthy show that you could watch with both your babies and young toddlers throughout the day. Sometimes the days drag and you need some background noise as the days run together with a toddler and a baby in the house. So, assuming you are okay with running a little tv with the kids, a nice simple show to play that you can half pay attention to and half not would be nice. My choice for this category would be Gilmore Girls. For many reasons, but the main one being it is pretty easy to follow. They also aren't performing surgery on people which are things my 3 year old probably would prefer not to see. It is silly and sweet and not too dramatic so it's an easy show to lighten the mood on a long day at home. Another added perk to the show is that they LOVE coffee and drink it all day. Can you say cheers mama?


3. Date Night Binge

Our final category would be a nice show to binge watch with your husband when the kids are in bed. I am the first to recommend connecting with your spouse with important conversation and digging into each other's hearts and minds. That is super important and while I think it should be a priority, it's also really nice to have something outside of "life" to discuss and laugh about together. It's fun to have a show or book you are both into that doesn't have to do with finances, work, or the kids. This will be different for everyone because there are a lot of personalities here and then you have to add in your husband, so it might be hard to find something you both like. For us, I am going to mention two, our first would be Friday Night Lights. This is a show about Texas high school football and it is old school, sweet, dramatic, and just a good show. Tim Riggins is worth at least checking out a season, trust me. I do believe Netflix removed it for now, so because of that I will also name, Parenthood. Another really good show, and something really sweet to watch as parents because you see things that you can relate to.

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So that's all I have for this super serious topic on this Wednesday. If you are not a fan of TV, catch us next time, if you are, PLEASE share your recommendations for each category listed in the comments on the post. We want to hear your recommendations for some new fresh ideas for everyone for their tv viewing pleasures! Have a great Wednesday mommas!