Day in the Life of a Whole Foods Plant Based Momma

Hi ladies!! It's the second Wednesday in December so we are talking food today. Yum, yum, yum! Today we are talking diet restrictions that turned a family into the healthiest they have ever been! I have seen or heard from so many women who's little babies ended up with a dairy or gluten or soy allergy which sent mom into a diet change due to nursing. No matter if it's for only a month or up to 2 years, it is difficult for someone to completely take these items out of their diet without some confusion involved. And not only for just that nursing period of time, but also learning to feed their kids into toddlerhood. Feeding a toddler good food is a full time job, and feeding them without any of those ingredients in their food is a whole other ballgame. So, to learn more about what it looks like for a mom who has taken dairy, gluten, soy, meat, refined sugar, and oil out of her diet, we will get to take a peak into a "day in the life" of a mom in our village, Heather Koch.


Heather's son Scout was born with a milk and soy protein intolerance and he has yet to grow out of it. His body is unable to digest the protein in either food, so she had to take both out of her diet in order to nurse him. Scout was born premature and had a long stay in the NICU, so nursing him was really important to Heather because it let her feel in control of something for her son during his time there and after. Dairy and soy are in EVERYTHING, so it was really difficult for her to get used to. Her husband, Justin, has celiac disease, so because of this their allergist recommended not introducing gluten to Scout right away. After watching a few documentaries on whole food plant based diets, the whole family decided it was for them. At this time they decided to go completely gluten free for the sake of their health, especially Justin and Scout's. The funny part is, Heather is the one that received huge additional benefits of feeling great after taking these things out of her diet. They love exploring new foods and recipes as a family and all feel great with the food they put into their bodies. So here is a sneak peak into a day of eats with the Koch family!

She starts off with a healthy breakfast of an organic turmeric coconut wrap with 2 tablespoons organic peanut butter, 1/2 an organic banana sliced + 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds and a sprinkle of organic raw shelled pumpkin seeds. To top it off she drizzled with honey she bought from a local farm (swipe right to see finished product below). Plus of course some coffee because #momlife!

  • IMG_1093.JPG
  • IMG_1092.JPG

Next, a nice mid morning snack of a larabar (these are so yummy and only contain 2 ingredients!!) and 1/2 of an organic naval orange!


Lunch is a classic quesadilla with salsa. Inside the quesadilla is fat free refried beans, 1/2 sliced organic avocado, 1/4 sliced organic sweet onion wrapped in a gluten free tortilla. The salsa is fresh cilantro dressing, yum! (swipe right to see finished product below)

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Gotta get that mid afternoon snack to get momma through the afternoon! That snack includes about 1/2 cup pistachios and organic walnuts mixed with a handful of organic dried apricots.


Dinner time!! On the menu tonight is cashew cabbage with organic brown rice. The link for the recipe is here. She used purple cabbage instead of green, and veggie broth instead of white wine because that is what she had on hand. The meal was delicious for everyone, even Scout chowed down! (swipe right to see progression of food prep and the finished product)

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Late evening snack time! They eat dinner pretty early, around 5:30 pm so she typically has something before bed (me too Heather!!). Tonight she had gluten free crackers and almond milk cream cheese for dipping!


Along with those very healthy eats, Heather takes probiotics daily and a B12 supplement. After cutting meat out of their diets she learned that taking B12 was important for her body to stay healthy.


So there it is, a day in the life of Heather, who eats a whole foods plant based diet and at 37 years old feels the best she has in her entire life! Of course part of this is being surrounded by some awesome and encouraging mommas and getting her workouts in with FIT4MOM Fayetteville daily. :) But I think another huge part of it is her nutritious and clean diet that keeps her young and able to keep up with her 2 year old. How we fuel our bodies is so important and help us succeed in every other aspect of our lives. So I hope this is an encouraging post to go into the holiday weeks with a healthy mindset. And this also serves as a nice guideline for a new momma out there struggling with their babies dairy, soy or gluten allergy. I know for a fact Heather is happy to answer any questions or lead you in the right direction when it comes to dietary restrictions or choices. She is such a positive light in this area and I am so glad we were able to highlight her eating habits today! Thank you Heather for taking the time out of your day to take these pictures and explain these meals to us, I know we all appreciate it!