Hi ladies! I want to do some type of series on the blog. I love the mom of the month series because now you guys come to expect it and hopefully look forward to it. I would like to add another series to the mix. After thinking long and hard, all I could come up with is food. I thought to most of my conversations with you mommas and let's be honest, most of them revolve around food. Also, there are so many layers to food that I am pretty sure we could drag this topic on for months. Anyways, every second Wednesday we will be talking FOOD. Don't worry not all the words will come from me during these food posts (we would all die of boredom because my eating habits are pretty repetitive), I will highlight different people and their idea of good food. So, the idea will be to have highlight one person's recipe, etc. on the blog and then the rest of us comment that day with our recipe for the topic. So we can all end up with a lot of yummy ideas every time!

To get us started, I want comments with IDEAS! What do we want to see? I can throw some ideas I have out, so please comment with a new idea if you like better or to tell me you like one of these ideas! We can continue this series for a while so we can hit more than one idea eventually. PLEASE COMMENT so I know what you guys want to see!!

  • full day of eats from a momma
  • favorite restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in Fayetteville
  • favorite breakfast to make for out of town guests
  • decadent meals turned healthy
  • pinterest successes
  • holiday food (thanksgiving, christmas)

Leave your ideas so we can start talking and drooling over food together!!