FOOD - Overnight Oats

Happy Wednesday!! Hope you all are doing well and recovering from the lost hour this past weekend. Today we are going back to our second Wednesday series of FOOD. Who doesn't love talking about food?? Since Spring is quickly approaching (next Tuesday to be exact, although technically it's icing as I type this so..), we are talking one of my favorite comfort foods that can be made during those warm months. Oatmeal is the topic of the day and not the warm typical kind, but the cold, overnight kind.


I use to be one to like the warm oatmeal a few years ago, but then it started feeling sticky and just bleh to me. Then I discovered overnight oats and fell in love again. The texture for me is a lot easier to consume and this is the big kicker, they require nothing done to them in the morning! I know most of you reading this blog are busy mommas so we can all agree that the morning rush for breakfast is crazy. We always have to make everyone's breakfast and sometimes lunch for the day, all while trying to also feed ourselves something healthy. Overnight oats are prepared the night prior and are waiting in the fridge for you, ready to be eaten! This is a great option to have on the go, if you say have to jump in the car quickly to get to school drop off and then you have to be in the car for a while. Oatmeal is very filling and a good source of fiber, especially beta-glucan, and high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is also known for lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Before I share some of my favorite over night oatmeal combinations, I am going to share the simple "base" of overnight oats that I have found works best for me.


So, this is where the experimentation comes into play. You kind of have to find the consistency that works best for you. I personally like to add in 3/4 c. of oatmeal, approx. 2/3 c. of milk, and 2 Tbs. of chia seeds. Stir it up really well and cover and place in the fridge over night. That's it! When you go to get them in the morning the chia seeds would have expanded and with the oats they soak up the excess milk. Sometimes I add a splash of milk to help stir it around in the morning if it is extra thick.


From there the possibilities are endless! I typically add a little almond butter or peanut butter to mine because I love that stuff and it's a great protein and fat addition. Another great addition would be some protein powder which I have also done in the past. Most of these things would be added night prior and mixed in together with the above ingredients. I have also heard of a lot people adding in greek yogurt night prior to up the protein content and make it more of a creamy consistency.

Typically morning of, I add in some fresh blueberries and sliced almonds. I love the simple crunch of the sliced almonds and the sweet/tart addition of the blueberries.


Some of my favorite recipes I have found of overnight oats:

My all time favorite overnight oats recipe that I have had and make the most regularly are these "cookie dough" oats because who doesn't love anything with the word cookie dough in it. They are similar to my typical recipe I mentioned above but with a lot of peanut butter and honey involved!

A vegan recipe for my vegan mommas out there!

PB&J anyone?? Maybe we could get our kids to get on board with this one!

My final and one of my favorite ways to make overnight oats is noted here in this blog post. You make the oatmeal right in the almond butter jar!! This allow for you not to waste those scrapes of almond butter that were oh so expensive and it allows for you to throw it away when you are done! I mean thats a win, win in my book. You do get odd looks if you do this in public because people think you brought your entire jar of almond butter and are eating it with a spoon, but it's worth it!!


Now, it's time for you to share!! Have you heard of overnight oats? Do you love them or hate them? If you love them, share your favorite recipe or the way you make them in the comments!!