Meet Instructor Kristine Cooper

Hi mommas!

Hope your week is going good so far. If anything at least we are already at Wednesday! This will be the day that we do our regular posts from here on out if there was any confusion from Monday's post. Now, onto the focus of today. We are introducing our super spunky instructor, Kristine Cooper today!


Kristine is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic people you will meet. She fits the bill for FIT4MOM instructor to a tee with her outgoing personality and passion for fitness. You won't see her with a mega phone because she doesn't need it!! Not only does Kristine teach for FIT4MOM, but she is also a full-time 2nd grade teacher at First Impressions Academy. This allows her to teach where we need her in the summer months and on Saturday's during the school year. In addition to those two jobs, she also doubles as a princess for little girls' birthday parties and fun events around town. Kristine wears many hats in her life and enjoys staying very busy with her family along the way! She is married to her husband, John, and they have two beautiful daughters - Lily, & Elaina.


Kristine joined FIT4MOM in November 2014, very soon after her youngest was born. She was always a working mom with her first, and was honestly having a hard time finding her groove as a stay at home mom.

"I knew I was where I belonged from the very first class I attended. The idea that I could workout guilt free with my baby was the best feeling in the world. I have made some of my best friends from our village and feel incredibly blessed to be a part of these incredible women's lives. My children have also gained friendships and enjoy spending time all together as a family in class."

Kristine went on to become an instructor in June 2015. She is now certified in Stroller Strides, Fit4baby, Stroller Barre, & Body Back. She is a very important part of our instructor team. Me and Kristine both started instructing around the same time and she has always been a huge advocate for the working mom. She wanted to make sure we could offer classes outside of our weekly morning ones, and that is why she continues to play such a crucial role as our Saturday instructor throughout the school year. She is able to reach some of those moms that can't make it during the week in her weekend class and can relate to them in ways that others could not. I know she has been a huge part of a lot of mom's and their kiddos lives that only make it to her Saturday class every week. She has a huge passion for teaching and living a healthy lifestyle so she is able to bring that to the ladies she sees in class. With Kristine being a teacher, she is always a pro at bringing the creativity to classes. She puts a lot of effort into to making her classes fun and interactive for the mom's and kiddos and that is why so many enjoy having her as their instructor!

....words from long time members....

"Kristine always has the BEST question of the days. Typically they are based on National 'insert food item here' Day, which is so fun and get us talking probably way too much haha"

"Kristine looooves to use the hill at Lake Rim. Which I loooove/hate..."

"I love how Kristine always reminds us of form and 'engaging our core' during workouts."

"She always makes sure we have the right posture as we are dying while running uphill haha"


Well, that's all I have today for our bubbly instructor, Kristine. The next time you can see her out teaching is Monday, August 14, at Mazarick Park. Remember to get out there to her weekly classes this month before she heads back to work and is back to Saturday's only.

Hope you guys enjoyed getting to more about Kristine today and we will see you next Wednesday for another instructor introduction!