Meet Instructor Marsha Painter

Hi mommas!! On to another meet the instructor for us here on the blog. Today we are spotlighting a new instructor to our Fayetteville village, Marsha Painter.


Marsha has been a part of FIT4MOM since 2013. She joined in southern California while her family was stationed there. Marsha is married to her husband, Paul, and they have 3 children - Christian, Elijah & Madison.


Marsha first joined FIT4MOM in California simply to get a workout and meet some other moms in the area. She quickly made friends and so did her kids, all while she was also getting a great workout in. Her kids still talk about their "stroller strides friends" from their first experience. She initially started instructing just to kind of pass time and get involved a little, but she fell in love with the program and what it had to offer.

"I realized I had a passion for the workouts and the moms and I loved making it fun and silly for the kiddos and babies."

They eventually made it over here to North Carolina at a new duty station. She knew she had to find her village right away and she did.

"It's been a huge blessing and I'm thankful to have the opportunity to be an instructor with the Fayetteville team."


We are even more grateful to have her here. She is the seasoned and reliable instructor that we really needed to have at the moment she became certified again. She already knew the clients and really just jumped in right when we needed her. We couldn't have gotten through the summer without her. I know how much the staff was grateful and those mom's are grateful to have had someone to pop in and be so successful right away. She has also brought knowledge and ideas to us about the California FIT4MOM location she was involved in, which has really helped us thrive!

...some words from members about Marsha's classes...

"I love Marsha's classes. She always has a way of working the whole body without me even realizing it! I am always sore in places that I didn't think we worked in her classes! And the walking lunges..she loves the walking lunges!!"

"Marsha loves to use children's songs to entertain the kids at every station and she make us work through EVERY SINGLE VERSE! Her classes are really intense!"


This spotlight and introduction is a little bittersweet because unfortunately Marsha is moving quite soon. Her husband got an unexpected opportunity in Huntington, WV for work and so that will be taking her family there this fall. We really wish we could have had Marsha longer on our team because as I said, in a short time she has added a lot of value. But this does mean that you need to get out there and have her as an instructor before she heads out of town! The next time you can get a sweaty, intense workout from Marsha will be tomorrow, August 24 at Mendoza Park at 9am, so be there or be square mommas.

That's all I got for you today ladies. I will see you next week for our next and final (for now) installment of 'meet the instructor.' Have a great Wednesday!