Meet NEW Instructor Holly Hodgson

Hi mommas! Happy blog day and Wednesday. Hope your week is moving along nicely. Sticking to schedule, we are onto our next 'meet the instructor' of the month. Today we are introducing one of our newest instructors, Holly Hodgson.


Ever met someone that gives off that warm, peaceful vibe? Holly is definitely one of those gems. Very rarely have I seen Holly without a smile on her face (besides when I tell her to do another round of burpees towards the end of a workout, but can we blame her there haha). She genuinely cares about the mom's in class and I have been able to see her interact with so many over the past couple of months. She has this ability to relate with so many women from all different backgrounds and perspectives, which is an amazing quality to have in this position. Holly is married to her husband, John, are they are new to the military life and have 2 kiddos - Jonathan and Nora.


Holly first found FIT4MOM when her youngest, Nora, was only 8 weeks. She started coming with both her kids and fell in love with the community aspect. The unconditional support and the ability to be surrounded by so many moms really helped her navigate her way back to herself after her second was born.

"I am so grateful to have found FIT4MOM. I love being able to help others feel good! It ignites a fire within me that fuels my soul. This is truly my purpose and passion in life. So come as you are! This is a judgement free zone."

Along with beginning to instruct for us at FIT4MOM, Holly is also a Health & Wellness Coach with a degree in Food & Nutrition Management. She posts more about these things online through social media channels encouraging women around her to be healthier versions of themselves.

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...a quote from a fellow FIT4MOM member & friend...

"Holly is one of the most uplifting and real women I know! She knows how to make me feel like I'm doing a great job as a mom even when I feel like I'm failing. They say it takes a village to raise your children and she is definitely someone I pick to play a key roll in my village. I cannot wait to see what she brings to FIT4MOM as an instructor."


Holly is such a great addition to our team. She brings so much positivity to the village and will only make it better by being a instructor! The best way to get out there and get to know Holly is by getting to her classes. In August, she will be co-teaching with some of our instructors so be on the look out. She co-taught an amazing class at the mall this week on Tuesday, with more than 20 moms present. She really brought the energy and motivation to the place and all the mom's were glad to have been there for the ride! Once September comes you will see her on the schedule, you don't want to miss her classes ladies!


I will see you mommas next week for another installment of 'meet the instructor.' Enjoy your week mommas!