Meet NEW Instructor Shawna Erickson

Happy Wednesday mommas!! Hope you are gearing up for a fun holiday weekend. If you are wondering what to do, we have a super fun Halloween themed class and "stroller trick or treat" planned for this Saturday at Cape Fear River Trail. AND we have our monthly Mom's Night Out that evening, campfire theme! Check out the Facebook page for those events for times and details.

Today we are going to be introducing a new member to the instructor team, Shawna Erickson.


Most of you know of Shawna as our events coordinator and community outreach leader. She is going to take on another facet of our village by becoming and instructor now! Shawna has two girls, Aubrie and Lily and is married to a soldier, Madison.


Shawna is super spunky and fun, and has that high energy you want from your instructor. I know she will able to get you mommas moving with that vibe. She is also one of those people who is always there to jump in to help in any given situation. She is great at entertaining kiddos and helping a mom feed her baby or clean up her station. Her oldest Aubrie couldn't love babies more and I think will be the BEST assistant an instructor could ever have. She will find a great calling as her mom starts this adventure and I think it will be so fun to watch.


When I moved to NC I was determined to connect and get plugged in ASAP. I was also looking to get back into shape and feeling like me again after two kids and almost 4 years of pregnancy and nursing. I wanted myself back! I found FIT4MOM and was in love! Everything I was looking for all in one and SO much more! I loved the energy we brought to each other and mom seem to have an unspoken connection! I felt like we had ben here forever. I have met so many incredible women and I wouldn't have met them without FIT4MOM. The instructor gave me back more than just my physical appearance, (which in my opinion is just a bonus), they gave me love, support, friendship, and so much more. I'm blessed to be a part of such a welcoming atmosphere. I want to make women feel like they aren't alone in this thing called motherhood. It's hard to be the new kid, but not here it isn't. I look forward to connection with you and becoming your community! See you in class!

Those words I pulled directly from Shawna and they couldn't be more spot on. The way she has described our village is perfection and the way she feels about furthering that village are the exact same. I am excited to see her in this position and what it can do for our future. Adding someone to our team only means the village is growing and the number of momma's we are reaching is growing. So as a village let's all welcome her with open arms! She will be out co teaching TODAY at Mazarick Park! And a few more times next week, so get to class so you can see her and grab some love she is so ready to give to you.