Meet NEW playgroup captain - Leslie Lefebvre

Happy LAST Wednesday of November, which doesn't even make sense to me. It honestly feels like I just said it was November 1st, anybody else out there? Time is flying and the holidays are here! Today we are introducing a new playgroup captain to our village, Leslie Lefebvre. Leslie will be heading up our playgroups at Mazarick Park starting next week and we are so excited!


Leslie is married to a soldier and has two kids - Claire and Ryan. She first started doing stroller strides in 2010 while in Hawaii, after her daughter was born.That is where she officially fell in love with health and fitness and the importance of it in her family. When they moved to Columbia, SC in 2011, she joined FIT4MOM right away. In South Carolina is where Leslie started to feel the "village" aspect. The ladies and kids they met there became her second family. This is where Leslie first became a playgroup captain for FIT4MOM. She loved putting crafts together for the kids and their mommas. She enjoyed watching the kids use their creativity with her after class. They moved again in 2015 to Washington and joining FIT4MOM was the first thing she did there. She sees the importance of mom friends and the amount of sanity it brings her. FIT4MOM brings that opportunity to make instant friends like nothing else!

"I love being a part of something where everyone has the same goals of being active, spending time with their kids, making mom friends, and being a healthy example for their kids."

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We are so excited Leslie has made her way back to Fayetteville, where she is originally from. We feel lucky to have her as part of our village, and even more lucky to get her as a playgroup captain. She has been attending FIT4MOM Fayetteville since the summer and has decided to join the staff and start bringing that creativity to our village. Her daughter, Claire, is just as excited to jump in and help her mom plan some awesome crafts for the kids. We are excited for you ladies to get to see her interact with your kids after class for that sweet craft every week. Leslie will be at Mazarick Park for craft every Friday starting next week! If you haven't met Leslie, you are in for a treat! She is a real momma who cares about you and your kids, and you will leave fulfilled after every playgroup you see her.