Meet Playgroup Captain - Brittany Nau

Happy Wednesday and day before Thanksgiving!! We are introducing another one of our awesome playgroup captains for our village. Today is all about Brittany Nau, who is our playgroup captain and village leader in Spring Lake. Brittany is married to her husband, Eric, and they have 2 girls, Lily (3) and Emersyn (1). She joined our village when we were able to open up classes again in Spring Lake in the spring of this year.

"I joined this group in hopes of finding more friends who can relate to mom life, deployments, and all the chaos that comes with it. Once I became a member I haven't looked back. I love this village and the friendships it has come with. Not only for myself, but for my girls as well! "


Brittany has a passion for arts and crafts. She was in the insurance industry for 11 years and then got her dream of being a stay at home mom when she became pregnant with her youngest, Emmy. Since then, she has been able to spend more time with her love for DIY projects, crafting, and playing with her kiddos. We are so grateful for her commitment to the Spring Lake mommas and their kiddos. She came to us right when we needed her and this village wouldn't run so smoothly without her. She plans and creates her own crafts week by week. A quote from a mom who sees her on class craft day:

"Brittany's playgroups are great! You can tell she puts a lot of time and effort into making it fun! The kids always enjoy everything she has planned for them!"


Not only does Brittany plan and execute our crafts and events for our Spring Lake mommas, she also runs an in home craft business. Her business is called, Lily-Rose Vinyl Designs & More, which is where she hand makes items to include baby blankets/burp rags, embroidery and appliqués, vinyl decals and shirts, etc. This fall she has added string art signs which are so unique and super cute! Make sure and check out her business page on Facebook here. We are so grateful for her presence in our village and glad she chose to be such an important part of our village! Check out her next playgroup at Spring Lake on Tuesday, November 28, 2017!!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow ladies!