Meet SOON-TO-BE Instructor Amanda Ackerson

Happy Hump Day ladies! Today is the last wednesday of August so we are finishing up with our instructor introductions today. We are introducing Amanda, who will be starting to instruct very soon!


Amanda is a Colorado native who calls North Carolina home..for now. As most of us are, she is a military spouse to her husband, Steven. She herself served in the Army for 11 years in active duty and now serves in the Reserves while her husband is stationed here at Fort Bragg. Thank you for your past and continued service Amanda! They have 2 daughters - Clair & Paige and a black lab named Pete.


She has always been very active in her lifestyle. Throughout college and her active duty time she was a sponsored runner competing in long distance races. Her and her family love to stay outdoors, be active, and be all together. That is what she loves most about stroller strides is getting to involve all those things together!

"My neighbor introduced me to stroller strides when I was pregnant with my second and I felt instantly welcomed within minutes of arriving. I love that FIT4MOM allows me to encompass all of my passions and I look forward to instructing to empower other mommas to achieve their fitness goals!"

I have had the pleasure of having Amanda in class most of the summer and I really look forward to her being a part of the team. She is super motivated and I think will get us mommas moving! With her past experiences she will have a lot of ways to push us mommas outside of our comfort zone. She is finishing up her training soon and will be out there co teaching in no time. We all look forward to having her kick our booties into shape!

Now we can wrap up this month of instructor introductions. Thanks for reading this month and keep reading for some fun and heartfelt posts coming at you next month. First up next week will be our NEW installment "Mom of the month." We will be highlighting a mom from our village the first Wednesday of every month so we can all learn more about each other. See you in September!