Mom Of The Month - Alex Langley

Happy February mommas! Although we are still in winter, we are opening our arms wide to February and closing January's doors with a bang. February is always a great month because it is the month of love, whether you are sentimental or not, it is still a great reminder of love all around you! To kick off the month we are celebrating our Mom of the Month, Alex Langley.


Alex is a wife to a soldier here at Fort Bragg, Ben, and a mom to the sweetest little girl, Roslyn. Roslyn has her mom's amazing head of red hair and both of the girls light up our village at FIT4MOM. Alex first started attending FIT4MOM in January 2017 and then started coming pretty much every single day by the summer time. If anyone gets perfect attendance at FIT4MOM Fayetteville it would be Alex. If she isn't at class that day, she better be out of town or deathly ill because her and Ros are so consistent about being there every morning! They might be a few minutes late, but none the less they will make it. :)

Alex is one of those people that is so inspiring to have in your life. She is constantly taking the steps to improve herself as both a mother and human being. I have gotten the privilege of seeing her make huge leaps in bounds in her fitness journey since starting to workout with us a year ago. She not only makes it to class daily, she pushes herself during those classes further each time. She truly understands the term improvement because she is always improving herself, whether it be her plank time or her self care time.

..words from one of her instructors, Holly..

"Alex always shows up! She is determined, strong, and very passionate at what she does. I love her kindness and how she always welcomes everyone with an open heart. Alex is quick to lend a hand, make you laugh, & make you feel special. And it's safe to say everyone admires her red hair!"


..words from a fellow member and friend, Beth..

"Alex is the best, I just love her so much! She is definitely my friend that tells me things are fine when I see things as falling apart and who doesn't need that? We did body back together which is where we really became friends. She was so supportive of my goals even when I was far from them. Coolest lady I know, love her so much!"


Alex is in the middle of her 3rd session of Body Back with us in Fayetteville. Body Back is a transformation program both mentally and physically and she takes is very seriously. She is huge proponent of journaling your food, feelings, frustrations and working through them to become a better version of yourself. This is a mission at FIT4MOM, to empower mom's to be their best selves, and that is what Alex embodies. She inspires so many around her to take the steps and make the time for yourself. She is a part of the Empowered Mama group through FIT4MOM's founder, Lisa Druxman, who is the author of the book that takes you through ways to reclaim yourself and your time. She not only keeps up with the book, but continues to participate in the challenges and facebook posts with Lisa. Also, FIT4MOM is celebrating self-love and self-care during the first two weeks of February with small, achievable tasks to fulfill each day, which Alex is fully participating in. Not only is she completing the daily tasks, but she is encouraging other mom's to participate with her as well by sharing her pictures and journey on social media. She encourages me as her coach to be more intentional about making time for myself and practical ways to do this. She is truly an inspiration to so many in our village with her openness and willingness to share both struggles and triumphs.

Alex is also a huge part of our Mom's Night Outs. She loves spending that time together with just the mommas and hardly misses one! The last game night MNO almost had to get cancelled because of a sick hostess and she took over last minute to make it still happen. I know the mommas who were able to attend were super grateful to still have that opportunity to get out and appreciated her willingness to jump in!

We would not be the same village without Alex and Roslyn being there everyday (5 minutes late) to share in our daily workouts. We love you Alex and appreciate everything you bring to this village of mommas!