Mom of the Month - Briana Arnold

Good morning! It's a new month again, they seem to be flying by! Today is the first Wednesday of April and we are officially enjoying that spring weather. We are here to celebrate Mom of the Month today - Briana Arnold (Bri)!


Bri is married to her husband, Alex, and they have one son, James, and another baby on the way!

Bri is such a bright spot in our village. I remember the first time I met her I thought for sure she was a seasoned FIT4MOM goer, I just had missed her at different locations. Nope, it was her first week with us that I met her. She immersed herself in this village quicker than I have ever seen. It was so cool to watch her make friends and bond with these women so quickly. I remember the campfire Mom's Night Out, she barely knew anyone but was jumping from group to group easily joining conversations. She is such a cool person and I feel super lucky to have gotten to know her!


Bri is not only fun but she works hard in our workouts! She first joined when she was newly pregnant with baby who is going to be here very soon and she has been working it ever since! She comes weekly and sometimes 5 times in one week! She is such an inspiration to not only the women next to her in class, but her instructors too! She is a real gem to have in class and truly cares about all the women surrounding her. She is known to jump locations so everyone knows her, which is difficult in Fayetteville because it is so spread out! She always makes an effort to make it to the MNO's and our special events. She has been a regular at our monthly FIT4BABY classes we hold at buybuyBaby as well. FIT4BABY® is designed specifically for moms-to-be. All exercises are carefully selected to prepare your body for the many changes you will experience during pregnancy. We do a preview monthly in the evening at buybuyBaby, our next one is April 18th, you can sign up on our website here! It's so fun to have our regular stroller strides members there to help people feel comfortable so we are so grateful for Bri being there these past months!

Last week, the Spring Lake moms celebrated her with a wonderful baby sprinkle themed workout and party after class. Bri was sprinkled with gifts and diapers for baby and all the mom's enjoyed fellowship and treats. The perfect way to celebrate Bri and her pregnancy!


...some words from fellow members and her instructors...

"Bri’s ‘Mom voice’ is THE best!! I always tell her I need to record it for my kids to make them listen. But really, what’s NOT to love about Bri?! She has a contagious smile, a fun loving personality, she’s motivated and always digs deep to push harder. She’s everyone’s biggest cheerleader. I’m glad to be able to call her my friend. She’s one amazing momma." - Brittany Nau

"Bri has the most contagious smile! She brightens everyone's day and adds so much value to our village. Bri welcomes everyone with an open heart! She brings the fun to class with her spontaneous singing and dancing. She makes all the moms belly laugh straight to the core. We all just love her so much!" - Holly Hodgson (instructor)

"With Bri, length of time does not equal strength of friendship. I've only known her less than a year, but she became a fast and true friend to me. What makes her so special is she's always down for anything. At the drop of a hat (or text more likely), I can count on her no matter what! She is so thoughtful and I really cherish her and our friendship" - Alex Langley


We are so happy Bri joined our village and brought her fun spirit and good friendship to all of us. Her and James are so important to us and we cannot wait to welcome the newest addition very soon! Thank you for being you Bri and letting us be a part of your life!