Mom of the Month - Cena McGinnis

Happy December ladies! Hope your having some fun Christmas memories with the family lately. It's mom of the month time, and this month we are spotlighting Cena McGinnis. Cena is a wife to Justin, and mom to Lydia (2) AND expecting a baby next spring!


Cena has been a part of FIT4MOM since Lydia was a newborn baby in the fall of 2015. Since the moment she joined she has been a huge part of our village. Cena is one of the most caring women I know.

Some words from a fellow FIT4MOM member and friend:

"Cena is always so encouraging and can find the positive! She is such a great mom and great friend. For me she makes #momlife easier because I know I have someone to talk to that won't think I'm crazy or judge me. She is always willing to jump in and help when illness or anything comes up with moms or kiddos. Cena always has a happy spirit and is great at welcoming new people into our village!"


I couldn't agree more with the words above. Cena is a very special woman that I feel personally very lucky to have in my life. And although she thinks Lydia is "crazy" I think she brings such a playful and fun spirit to the group. Not only is she a regular stroller strides member, but she has made our 3 body back sessions this year doable. She has provided childcare for all 3 sessions during the week day classes. Sometimes putting her at doing childcare 3x a week in the evenings. We are so grateful for her commitment to us in this area. Body Back has given so many women an opportunity to focus on themselves and have a child free workout without having to stress about their husband's schedules. She has been there for them and us as we have needed her!

On top of that, she is also a music teacher for Music Together Fayetteville. Music Together is an internationally recognized, research-based early childhood music program. Parents (or caregivers) and their children (birth to four years old) get to connect musically and have a blast doing it. She is a great music teacher and has a such a knack for connecting with kiddos. She makes for such a fun class that is great for learning and bonding together with your children. They hold classes in Fayetteville and Fort Bragg so if you are interested check out their website here.


I know so many women and children that have been impacted by Cena's sweet and selfless soul. We are so blessed by her in our village and she holds a really important part of it together. Let's make sure we celebrate Cena this month of December. She is all about the Christmas sprit so it couldn't be more fitting to have her as our mom of the month this month! We all love you Cena and appreciate your friendship and strength in motherhood more than you know!