Mom of the Month - Megan Moser

Happy October and fall! The weather has finally began to change and I know we all couldn't be happier. It is Mom of the Month time, and this month's momma to spotlight is Megan Moser. Megan is a wife to a soldier, Andrew, and a mom to twin girls, Mabel and Violet.


As an instructor, I get to watch the interactions of a lot of moms and watch new moms become seasoned moms. It's by far my favorite part of the job. I remember the day I met Megan, it was a Saturday. She was so friendly and had such a warm, laid back personality. I would have never imagined she was eyeing 2 toddlers on the playground. Then she told me that BOTH the girls in hot pink were hers. And as I have watched her become a regular stroller strides attender and grow relationships with the girls' around her, she kept that same warm and laid back personality I first saw. She is one of the calmest moms of us all, and it is so impressive how she rocks and rolls with the girls in tow. Odds are one of them is asking her for something, or upset about XYZ (toddler syndrome), or touching a baby (Mabel loves all the babies), or straight up tackling each other, and odds are that Megan is calmly talking them through it. All the while the rest of us are looking on in awe.

Something I also have seen from Megan from the get go, is her desire to help others. She instantly is ready to jump into action when a child or mother needs assistance. Not only physical needs, but also the emotional demands of motherhood. I have seen her talk to many of the moms about a possible hardship or get her hands into fixing a problem with a stroller, snack cups, sippy cup, etc. She is a really special woman who we are lucky to have as part of our village.


When I asked one of her friends and fellow strider how Megan makes our village whole she said a lot of the same things as I have mentioned:

"Megan has been such a blessing to have in our daily lives. I love her amazingly laid back demeanor, and how she encourages me during a tough workout or kiddo meltdown. She is always willing to help in any given circumstance in or outside of class. Megan is the go-to momma for answers to most of life's every questions!"


Megan has also recently taken a big leap in her health and fitness journey and decided to join our second session of Body Back. She jumped on the chance as soon as we opened up the registration and we are so excited because she deserves to have some time that is just for HER. She is going to do amazing and feel great at the end of those 8 weeks. She will be ready to tackle those days with TWO 2 year olds!! Hope you all get to spend some time with Megan soon, you will leave with a smile on your face for sure!