Mom of the Month - Sarah Symbalisty

Happy blog day and already Wednesday (thank you Labor day!!). Hope this post finds all you mommas well rested, doubtful but at least a dreamy statement. On the agenda today is to name this month's Mom of the month, Sarah Symbalisty!


Did any of you ever dream of being that "cool" mom when you were growing up?? When I think of Sarah, that is what I think of. She is a fashionista, DIY house renovator, selfie pro, coffee loving momma to a just as cool daughter named London. She is also wife to a soldier, Brandon, who was her high school sweet heart. (awww)


Sarah and Brandon are both from Texas, but the army has taken them to Alaska, North Carolina, and their next adventure will be across the world to Asia. Sarah and London are the much more fashion forward version of Loreila and Rory from Gilmore Girls. They both love clothes (and SHOES!) and go shopping together every chance they get. When I say DIY mom, I don't mean your typical DIY crafty mom. She is a 'rips out old and installs new glass shower doors in one weekend' type of DIY mom. (This really happened) She has basically re done something in every area of their house to make it 10x nicer. She always takes London along for the ride to "the Lowes" as London calls it for supplies and has her involved wherever she can. She is one strong momma who wears a lot of hats in her household!


What keeps her strong and gives her and London some time with friends is her mornings with FIT4MOM. Sarah has been a member for over 2 years with us here in Fayetteville. She is one of the most consistent members we have, who hardly misses a class (even when London is on vacation with her grandparents). She has attended 292 Fayetteville classes since she first started! One thing you will never see Sarah without is her coffee in the morning. She makes a stop every morning to get her iced coffee on the way to class. This is something else London has looked up to her momma in, the girl loves coffee too! The 2 of them together is so special, it is mother-daughter duo most people dream about having!


"I love FIT4MOM because it's fun, challenging, I get to bring London, and we BOTH get to socialize afterwards! I originally started when London was just over a year old because I was becoming bored at home with her, but we both made friendships (that we will treasure forever) and that's why we kept coming back. I'm entering my 30's in the best shape I've been since high school. I am also instilling the foundation into my little girl that STRONG is the new skinny and that we should love our bodies and what they are capable of!"


We have so loved having Sarah and London as such a core part of our village for so long. They are headed to their next adventure very soon and they both will be missed so much here in Fayetteville. Sarah is very good at documenting her and London's daily shenanigans so we will all be following all their overseas ventures via social media. But, this month is about highlighting Sarah's dedication to her health and fitness at FIT4MOM and her serious "cool mom" status that we all get to witness. If you don't know Sarah, next time you are at Mendoza or Mazarick, look for the momma with the iced coffee in hand and best dressed toddler in her stroller. ;) Towards the end of the month, we will be having a "going away" potluck after class that everyone will be invited to. More details to come on when that will be, keep your eyes out for an event on Facebook soon!

I will see you ladies next week on the blog! This series will be held every FIRST Wednesday of the month, and we will be spotlighting a new member each month!