November Mom of the Month - Melissa McCaffrey

Happy November!! The holiday season is upon us already which is hard to believe. Another month here means another momma to spotlight for the month! This month's mom of the month is Melissa McCaffrey. Melissa is a mom to FOUR kiddos and has been a part of FIT4MOM Fayetteville since October 2014.


You know you are a good friend and inspiration to others when you are literally nominated by a fellow momma to be mom of the month. Melissa is a mom to two toddler girls - Morgan (5) and Isobel (3), and this summer welcomed twin babies - Michael and Abigail. Talk about a busy and exhausted woman. Along with being wife to Michael, she continues to maintain her health and fitness as a top priority in her life.

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Melissa was a police officer in Fayetteville for most of her early adult life. Then she completely changed hats in her career and became a stay at home with her first born. She has been caring for those kiddos and changing a million diapers since then. She joined FIT4MOM after her second was born and really started taking her fitness up a notch. Melissa was one of the first people to welcome me besides the instructor in my first class. I remember her being so encouraging and made this newly postpartum mom feel pretty good about herself for just being out there in general. Not long after that, Melissa started taking her running more seriously. She began to run on her own with the girls outside of stroller strides, and all of the sudden was running 6+ miles while pushing a jogging stroller. Which is TOUGH, for any of you who haven't tried it before. That is a huge accomplishment in itself. Through her husband's deployments and girls' school schedules, she continued to fit her training in. She completed a half marathon in 2016 after countless 5k's and 10k's. Through this she has been an inspiration to many women who have come and gone or still around in FIT4MOM. Because she tells them how she started running on her own, she wasn't always a runner or had years of running experience. She had a goal and started working towards it and succeeded it. She's a really strong mom and we are proud to have her as a part of our village.


It didn't take her long after having the twins to be back at it in our classes in every week working on her health and fitness. She juggles a lot being a stay at home to four kids, but she still makes time for her workouts and her time with us mommas. Here is a quote from a great mom friend of hers she has made at FIT4MOM.

I met Melissa at the first class that I went to. I didn't have a mat, she offered to bring me an extra one she had. After a bit of small talk, we found out that we were both Florida Gator fans, and we hit it off from there. We have the same sense of humor and easy-going parenting style so confiding in her about my struggles was easy. Although we differ a bit in our political views, it has never been a source of contention. At first we lived at opposite ends of town, but since she has moved closer to me it's been amazing to have such a great friend right down the road. I have made many friends since moving to Fayetteville in 2010, but none quite compare to the wonderful mother and person that she is! I am very thankful for FIT4MOM providing me with such a great avenue for making friends like her.


The friends I see grow in FIT4MOM is amazing. We are so glad these two mommas met and became such close friends. Motherhood without mom friends is so much harder, trust us, you need those mom friends when you are in the trenches! Thank you Melissa for being such a core part of this village, we love watching your girls and now boy (woohoo!) grow while we watch your fitness exceed your own expectations. Keep inspiring us all!