Our First Blog Post

Hi there!

We are going to start blogging here with fun tidbits of motherhood and highlighting the amazing mommas in our village. We are excited to be "talking" to all of you in a new way and hope you enjoy our weekly posts.

To start off with a bang, we are going to introduce our brilliant and selfless leader, Brittany.


Brittany is a mom to 3 wild and fun boys - Owen, Aden, & Ian - and a wife to a soldier, Zach. She has been a part of Fayetteville Fit4mom since her oldest was a new baby, which dates her back to October 2012! She started instructing at the beginning of 2015 and was a rockstar for the village right off the bat. Being a member back then when she started instructing, I remember looking forward to her creative and sweaty classes. She is now certified in stroller strides, stroller barre, body back, and owns and runs every aspect of the business. She has seen Fit4mom Fayetteville from its early stages and really embodies the "boss mom" like no one else. As someone who has known her as a member, instructor, and owner, she is the perfect fit for running our village. She truly cares so much about each and every mom and constantly focuses on ways to improve the classes, playgroups, and events. She has been and continues to be the core of our instructing team. She is constantly working for her family and her mommas. She is extremely motivated and does so much work behind the scenes for this village to make it run smoothly!

....some words from long time members....

"Brittany incorporates the resistance bands into classes so well, especially barre. Her classes are killer!"

"When she makes us 'hold that position' you never know if it will be actually 8 counts or 3 straight rounds of 8 counts. That gets your muscles shakin!"

"I love that she always reminds us to 'kiss this kiddos' during water breaks!"

"Brittany loooooves to count down, but it never ends on always ends with a hold and pulse!!"

Now, before we sign off for the day, I wanted to introduce the person behind the blog. My name is Amber and I have 2 boys - Owen & Ryan - and married to a soldier, Aron.


I joined Fit4mom when my oldest was a baby and started instructing in September 2015. It has hands down been the best thing I did for me and my family. It has brought lifetime friendships for me and a sense of further purpose now that I get to be a part of the company. If any of you are out there reading this and aren't sure if you want to try a fit4mom class out, I encourage you to TRY IT. You never know the people that could impact your life waiting for you at your local park. Fit4mom has changed my life as a new mom, and I will always be grateful for every piece of our village.

....some words from long time members...

"Amber pushes me to do more with her motivation or threat of more burpees (kidding..kind of haha). I love her AMRAPS and Tabatas."

"Amber's favorite motto is, 'This is your workout mommas, YOU do YOU.'"

"The Regina George megaphone we all love to hate comes out a lot in Amber's workouts"

That is all we have for now! We will be continuing the month by introducing all of our instructors on staff so all of you can get a feel for who you will see in class. Our weekly posts will be made on every Wednesday, starting THIS Wednesday, August 9, so tune in to read who is first up! If you have any ideas of blog posts you would like to read or topics to be covered leave your ideas in our instragram post about the blog!

**disclaimer: I am NOT an english major or grammar police in ANY way, I just enjoy writing for Fit4mom here for fun, so bear with me teachers out there (you know who you are haha).