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Stroller Tune Up at buybuy Baby

Happy Wednesday mommas and Happy Valentines Day! Hope you are joining us at one of the locations on the schedule for a nice "gal"entines workout to start your day great! Also, we are heading to Heritage Place to drop some of the Valentines cards we made last week after class so join for that at least!

Today we are not going to have any sappy valentines posts for you, but I am sure there will be plenty circulating the web you can read so if you find any good ones worth reading, please share! Instead, we are going to recap a big event we held yesterday. We cancelled all of our park classes and the whole village met at buybuy Baby for an outdoor Stroller Barre class followed by a stroller tune up, sponsored by Britax on Tuesday morning.


HUGE shout out to all the mommas who came out to this class. We had 36 moms attend the class, and we are so grateful for each and everyone of you who showed your support to this village. It was a cold and windy morning, but we still got our booty's burning and leg's shaking plenty!


As all of us arrived, the Britax National Sales Manager, Erika, aired up tires and checked strollers as needed by the mommas. She and Jennifer, the Area Marketing Representative at buybuy Baby, also brought out a few BOB strollers, both single and doubles, to check out. They even offered for some of the mom's to test them out during the workout if they wanted, which is super kind of them.


After the hour long class, that was held throughout the parking lot of the shopping center where buybuy Baby is located, all the mommas reconvened inside the store for refreshments and shopping. The Britax representative, Erika, was there to continue to answer questions and tune up any strollers as needed. While the rest of the buybuy Baby employees helped all 36 moms find what they might be looking for. I saw anything from specific sippy cup searches, to toy gazing, to carseat testing, you name it! That store has everything you need and more as a mom to littles and it was the perfect place for all of us to be. Our very own owner and leader, Brittany (who set this entire event up!), brought in coffee (because caffeine is a necessity) and KIND bars for the mommas, while buybuy Baby provided vegetable pouches for the babies. By the time I made it to the back, almost all of the snacks were gone and everyone was happily mingling and shopping away. It was such a great sight to see so many of our moms in one place enjoying themselves.


The kids had just as much as fun as the moms with plenty of toys to access and "test" out. The store is set with a very friendly and roomy atmosphere which allows for the both us moms with toddlers and moms with babies to feel comfortable and have a few things to keep them entertained. There are also plenty of rocking chairs available for the moms to young babies to feed them as comfortable as if they were at home.


We are so glad we were able to team up with both Britax and buybuy Baby for this super successful event. Erika was so helpful in answering any questions we had about the strollers and happily airing up all of our very low tires that needed quite a bit of attention, mine included! This is our second time working with Jennifer for a stroller class and large event and we couldn't be more thrilled to continue working with her in the future. She really makes us feel welcome and always makes set up and clean up seamless.

As I mentioned above, we wouldn't have had such a successful event if you ladies from our village didn't make such a big showing. We are so thankful for you coming out and for some of you driving a little further than you typically do for your Tuesday workout. We love this village and couldn't be more proud to know of all of you awesome mommas!