The tiny people's friendships

Happy Wednesday mommas! Somehow it's the last Wednesday of the month, and I don't really know how we are already almost in October. I kind of feel like I'm still in July for some reason. None the less, we are going to finish up this month with another post on friendships. But this time we are going to focus on the tiny people in the equation of FIT4MOM. I love highlighting the fact that we are all moms at FIT4MOM and how we bond over mom stuff. But something to mention and that makes us stand out is that while we are bonding on motherhood, we always have our sidekicks with us. So, this means that not only are mom friendships growing, but those kiddos friendships grow just as fast (or faster!). Mommy friends are hard to find but then to find a place where your kids' are equally as happy is rare, but man is it special.

Typical morning begins with all of us rolling up and chatting about our nights with the kids or what may be going on with the husbands' work, etc. While the kids are getting strapped in their seats waiting to see who their friends will be. Every morning now, my son (almost 3), who has been attending stroller strides consistently since he was a newborn, asks me, "Who will be my friend today at stroller strides?" It melts my heart every time, just as much as it did the first time (well it doesn't necessarily melt my heart when I'm trying to get him dressed and he won't let me put his shirt on until I answer, but besides the point ha #reallife). It took him a while to have friends and to see him think of stroller strides as a positive part of our day every day is so cool for me.


While we sweat, it's ALL ABOUT THE SNACKS for the kids. We are talking trading and bartering snacks with toys, throwing food and water bottles at each other (and mom). Who knows what kind of business goes on between them, but they are forming relationships from when they are too tiny to even get out of the stroller by eyeing each other.

IMG_8150 copy.jpg

These babies below started before they could even walk or talk and now they are all toddlers who request each other by name before they arrive.


These kiddos got to have awesome friendships as 1 and 2 year olds because their mommas are all passionate about their health and them. That is something so cool about FIT4MOM, that you just can't beat! Typically the hour class goes by with one (or all) screaming here and there, but then they ALL know that after class it's playtime! Kids really become best friends while at the same time their mom's are becoming best friends on the playground after class. Who knows what the kids are talking about during those couple hours after class on the playground. Probably things like what snacks they have or new toy or how cranky they are because XYZ (could be anything from the sock they had to wear or the fact that mom gave them the wrong sippy cup that morning). But, we are all mom's and the things that makes us most happy is to see our kids happy, and we get to see that as they play with their friends every morning.

And I can't mention our kid's relationships with out mentioning the few couples that have formed from stroller strides. This is probably worrisome for the daddy's of these girls out there but hey, these little boys are nothing but angels! (ha)

  • IMG_8173.JPG
  • IMG_8141.JPG
  • IMG_8161.JPG
  • IMG_8155.JPG
  • IMG_8163.JPG

And then you gotta recognize the girls having fun together!!

  • IMG_8159.PNG
  • IMG_8164.JPG
  • IMG_8172.JPG
  • 13237698_10209563470986399_8735635728666299438_n.jpg
  • IMG_8143.JPG
  • IMG_8144.JPG
  • IMG_8147.JPG

AND the boys getting dirty together!

  • 14721549_10154579971963560_2711335780643094615_n.jpg
  • IMG_8217.JPG

I also can't sign off without mentioning one very special little girl who is leaving us soon for a big adventure. Miss London, who we already introduced earlier this month as her momma is the Mom of the Month right now. She has formed SO many friendships in her time with us here in Fayetteville, and we are so sad to see her go. My son, Owen, is personally really close with London, and she was his one of his very first friends that he opened up to. She was huge in his development to understand friends are good to have, and we will forever be grateful for her in our lives. THIS friday, we are doing our farewell to Sarah and London, so I hope you guys can all make it out! It will be held after class at Mazarick Park on Friday. Come to class and the party to say our final goodbye to 2 pretty cool girls!