Stroller Strides® & Stroller Barre®

Our Stroller Strides® and Stroller Barre® classes are stroller-friendly and mommy-and-me style. Each class provides mom with an awesome total body workout all the while engaging and interacting with her little ones.

Stroller Strides®

Stroller Strides® is a stroller-based fitness program designed for moms with little ones. Our classes are 60-minute total body workouts which incorporate power walking, optional running, strength, toning, songs, games, and activities. Certified fitness instructors offer a variety of fun classes for all fitness levels.

Stroller Barre®

Stroller Barre® is a unique blend of ballet, Pilates, barre, yoga and stroller-based exercises designed to help moms build strength and muscle tone and improve posture. Motherhood can wreak havoc on a mommy's posture and physique. Pregnancy, breast or bottle feeding, carrying our little ones, lugging diaper bags and car seats, and the numerous other physical demands of motherhood can cause quite a bit of tightening or weakening of the muscles. Stroller Barre® focuses on entertaining the little ones while Mama strengthens an ideal length/tension relationship in the postural muscles, resulting in a stronger, leaner-looking mommy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to class?

  • Plenty of water
  • Towel or Yoga Mat
  • Sunscreen (for outdoor classes)
  • Baby essentials including snacks and/or toys for your little one(s)
  • Comfortable walking/running shoes (both Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre are traveling classes)
  • Appropriate exercise attire
  • Any kind of stroller

Where do we meet?

Mazarick Park

Lake Rim Park

Mendoza Park

Cross Creek Mall

How will I know if the class location has changed due to weather?

In cases of rain or extreme heat or cold, we move inside to our indoor location. Follow us on Facebook, and check for updates by 8 AM. We also send notifications to our client list via email, and mark changes here on our website.

I just had a baby. When can I join Stroller Strides and/or Stroller Barre?

You can begin attending class with your doctor's clearance to begin exercising, usually after your six week post-partum appointment. See you there, Mama!

Can I join Stroller Strides and/or Stroller Barre if I am pregnant?

Absolutely! Our stroller-based workouts are designed for women in all stages of motherhood. We encourage expectant mothers to exercise throughout their pregnancy with physician approval. Instructors are trained in both pre- and post-natal fitness and follow the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) fitness guidelines.

Our certified trainers offer plenty of exercise modifications for all our participants to help you progress through your pregnancy.

Do I have to have a jogging stroller to attend the workout?

Nope. Just about any kind of stroller will work for class. Single, double, snap-and-go, whatever—you’re good! We’ve even had babywearing mamas make it work by taking out the impact of some of our cardio exercises. If you're pregnant with your first, or your kids are in school - no stroller works too! Join us!

What if my baby has a meltdown, or if my kid isn’t used to being in the stroller?

At FIT4MOM Fayetteville | Spring Lake, your children are our priority, so don't worry if yours is fussy! Our classes are designed to keep the kids rolling and engaged by incorporating songs, games, and lots of kid interaction into our exercises. What better way to grow up than by watching Mom’s positive example!

That said, if you need to change a diaper, take a potty break, nurse, dole out snacks, or otherwise comfort your little one(s), feel free! You are in good company.

We get it. We’ve been there. Kids will have good and not-so-good days. A stroller workout will become part of your little one’s routine in no time.

What if I have older kids?

YES! Stroller Strides works for women in ALL stages of motherhood! We’ve had kids at class from six weeks to sixteen years. School-aged kids are welcome to walk.