Commonly Asked Questions

Do I have to have a jogging stroller to attend classes?

No. Just about any kind of stroller will do so long as it's not prone to tipping (like an umbrella stroller).

Do I need to be a runner to attend these classes?

Absolutely not! Stroller Strides is for Moms of ALL fitness levels. We meet for a warm up, then power walk, jog, or run to each exercise station. Most times the instructor will send the running moms on a longer path than the walking moms so everyone meets at the next station simultaneously. You exercise at the pace you feel most comfortable. But don't be surprised if you find yourself running a marathon before long, we like to encourage our Mommas do make new goals and excel them!

What do I need to bring to class?

  • Your Stroller with baby in tow
  • Just about any kind of stroller will do so long as it's not prone to tipping
  • Lots of Water
  • Towel, Blanket or Yoga Mat for floor exercises and stretching
  • Baby essentials including snacks and/or toys for your little ones
  • Comfortable walking shoes and exercise appropriate clothing

Can I join classes if I am pregnant?

YES, YES, YES! We encourage expectant moms to continue to exercise through their pregnancy as long as everything has been approved by their physician. In fact Many of our Momma Instructors will continue Instructing throughout their pregnancy. Our Instructors are trained in both Pre and Post Natal fitness and follow the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines. We often modify any exercise that may pose as an issue as you progress through your pregnancy. Fit4Mom does require a Doctors approval prior to beginning classes. So talk to your doctor and see if this is a part of your pregnancy plan they have for you.

Exercise during pregnancy helps improve or increase:

  • Muscular strength/endurance
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Energy levels
  • Higher fatigue threshold
  • Posture and biomechanics
  • Circulation
  • Self-esteem, sense of well-being
  • Recovery time

So come and get healthy with us, for you and your baby!!

I just had a baby, when can I start classes?

After your 6 week post baby appointment and with your doctor's clearance to begin exercising, you may join us!

Is this just an exercise group of moms that get together to walk?

I love this question. The answer is NO! These classes are no walk in the park... In just one hour you will get a complete head to toe workout that will have you feeling energized and looking fit! Classes are designed for all different fitness levels and are taught by certified instructors who are also moms. During our stations, we use resistance bands, open fields for drills or obstacles, benches or steps and anything in the environment to give you a great workout! Don't be surprised if you find yourself saying words like Burpee or Plank before long!

Where do I sign up?

Click the sidebar link on this website marked "FREE CLASS". All Mommas interested in joining a class can do so with their first class free.

You could also copy/ paste the following link and it will direct you to our Membership page:


There are several membership options to choose from, but of course you're more than welcome to use the First Class Free Pass. To enroll in a class you must "Sign Up" and create an account. Please make sure you sign the waiver before going to class.

Please contact Kallee Bourguignon at KalleeBourguignon@fit4mom.com with any questions, comments, concerns you may have.

What is Fit4Mom Village Playgroup and Events?

As Moms, we understand that life is about finding balance while nurturing our minds, bodies and spirits. Our Fit4Mom Village Playgroup and Events was created with this aspiration in mind. By becoming a member you will build a tight community of Moms to share advice, tips and most importantly laughter. Support and connect with other Moms through:

  • WEEKLY Innovative & creative playgroups - fun for baby.
  • MONTHLY Entertaining Moms' nights out - this is your time.
  • MONTHLY Mommy and Me play dates- get your kids involved in fun activities
  • MONTHLY Book Club Meetings
  • Special events for Showers, births, meal trains, ect. for our Momma members
  • "Moms with a Mission" activities - help better the community where you live and play.

Join us. Make a difference.

****You do NOT have to be a member of Stroller Strides to join the Fit4Mom Village Weekly Playgroup. All moms are welcome! This is a FREE group!

My baby doesn't like being in the stroller for too long, how will I get a good workout?

Babies are priority, so don't worry if yours is fussy! Our classes are designed to keep the kids moving and we engage them by incorporating songs into our exercise moves and sometimes use props to keep them entertained. With that said, if you need to change your baby, nurse or console them then do so - Remember, you are in good company! Kids will have good and bad days and we understand that. I assure you they will get used to "Mommy's hour" and will be entertained during our workout too! The example you are setting for them by seeing Mommy exercise is priceless! You are impacting their lives on fitness at an early age and you should be proud of that!

I am interested in becoming an instructor - what do I need to do?

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Fit4Mom instructor, please email Kalleebourguignon@fit4mom.com.

Can I still join if I have non-stroller aged kids?

Yes!! In fact, we have moms who attend the workout with NO kids in tow! You are also welcome to bring your older children to class. We ask that they stay alongside you for the safety of themselves and others. Actually, we love having older kids in class since they enjoy participating in songs and entertaining the little ones! The best part is that are learning the importance of exercise from watching their mom!

Can my kids ride their bikes, rollers skates, skateboards (ect) beside or with me.

No. For liability reasons, children need to stay in their strollers for the duration of the class. This is why our Stroller Strides instructors weave songs and activities (bubbles, stickers, books or toys) into the routine designed to entertain and engage baby/child. We want Momma to be focused on getting her workout in, and not worried if her baby is happy. We will help facilitate a happy baby as much as possible. After all, a happy baby is a happy Mommy!

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